In loving memory of my beautiful, intelligent and loving late 26-year-old daughter, Brittany  Rose Hallett, who passed away on November 5, 2014 when she lost her battle with alcohol dependency, I have created this Blog and a special web site called Brittany’s Alcoholism Counseling And Prevention that can be found at www.BrittanysACAP.com. A link to my special Facebook.com/BrittanysACAP page can be found there as well.

I want to help get counseling for those suffering from alcohol dependency and for their loved ones as well. I want to create public awareness about the very real and present dangers of alcohol to potentially everyone reading this. I want to prevent people from ever crossing over that Invisible Line into alcohol dependency so they never have to struggle for a lifetime or quite possibly die from it.

My mission is to save at least one life before the end of my own. Hopefully I will be able to save thousands along the way. I will be posting as much helpful information that I can to help those still struggling with alcohol dependency. And I will post helpful information for their loved ones as well. This will be Brittany’s loving legacy. Thank you so much…Jenny Souviner Hallett.

Keep fighting the fight!

P.S. Halloween was Brittany’s favorite holiday….hence the Halloween decorations around her tombstone. She died just 5 days after Halloween.

You can e-mail me at JennyHallett@BrittanysACAP.com




My devout mission is to save at least one life before the end of my own!

But hopefully hundreds or thousands will be helped along the way. This will be Brittany’s legacy!

September 27, 2015     (I launched a web site at www.BrittanysACAP.com on Brittany’s golden birthday.  She would have been 27 today!)

08/25/17 I launched this blog on my father’s (George Souviner) birthday today.

Welcome to everyone with an interest in learning more about alcohol dependency and how to either avoid it or how to control and manage it. If you have a loved one who is afflicted with this deadly disease, I want to help you get information on how you can possibly help them, even though ultimately it is mainly up to them. I want to help alcoholics and their loved ones and I want to create public awareness in my campaign for alcoholism prevention, to end the struggle for many before it ever starts in the first place.

When my beautiful daughter, Brittany Hallett, died on November 5, 2014 at only 26 years of age, she left a huge hole in my heart that will never ever heal.  Many of you will recall the message I wrote in the April 2, 2014 issue of The Milton Courier telling about her struggles and her defeat by alcohol dependency. I reached out to the community asking everyone to take positive action to influence their own lives. Read this entire article and other articles via my Media Coverage tab.

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc (NCADD) says that in the USA, 1 in 12 adults will have a drinking problem at one point in their lifetime. That is a stunning statistic that emphasizes just how real the risks are for every person reading this. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not advocating that everyone should stop drinking alcohol completely. I just want people to be acutely responsible in drinking in moderation. Be aware of the frequency and volume that you drink and never drink when you are sad or under stress.

If you are already struggling, then please seek help immediately since alcoholism is a progressive disease that makes it harder and harder to stop with each additional drink that is consumed.This blog will be used for many important purposes. The main impacts that I intend to accomplish will be: 

     1.) to help get alcoholism counseling to those suffering from this devastating disease. 

     2.) to help get counseling for the loved ones of the alcoholic so they will have some guidance on how they can help their struggling loved one or so they will understand what they might be doing that is actually making the problem worse for their struggling loved one. 

     3.) to create public awareness about so many important issues involved with alcohol abuse and dependency with prevention as the cornerstone of my mission. I want to create awareness about how drinking alcohol might affect each person and their family and friends, so that hopefully many people will never cross over that Invisible Line into alcohol dependency in the first place. This is the greatest impact possible, because it will prevent people from having to fight this horrific struggle for the rest of their lives and it might even prevent them from dying in defeat.

There will be many other purposes for this blog as well.  Information will be posted about things that I and others are doing to help accomplish all of these goals. Fundraising events and activities will be posted as they are planned. Updates in my mission to save lives will also be posted along the way for all to see.

I had the honor of creating a video that is now being shown to area schools, to youth groups, and to church members.  This is a short 4 minute video called Brittany’s Legacy: Exposing The Invisible Line. This is my first line of defense for alcohol dependency prevention. Click on the video tab to view this important video.

Alcoholism is a disease which hits people from every walk of life, from every social class, and from every possible profession.  It is something that happens TO a person without their permission and without their knowledge that they have even just crossed over that Invisible Line into the fight for their very life for the rest of their life.

If you would like to make a profound difference in this world, then please consider making a donation into the Brittany’s Alcoholism Counseling And Prevention Fund to help generate the funds to get people counseling and to create public awareness to prevent alcohol dependency in the first place. To make your donation, please contact any BMO Harris Bank and tell them the name of this fund: Brittany’s Alcoholism Counseling and Prevention Fund.  They will be able to help you. Or send me an e-mail if you would like to send a check.  I’ll be happy to instruct you on how to do that. 

Please join me in this important fight to make a difference in saving many lives. Check out this blog often as many updates will be added regularly. If you have ideas about how I might be able to help more effectively in this cause, if you would like to volunteer at any fundraising events and/or if you or your business would like to become a sponsor of any of these events, please contact me via this blog or e-mail me at JennyHallett@BrittanysACAP.com

Thank you so very much for all of your love and support throughout this very difficult ordeal, for checking out this new blog and my special Facebook page and for helping in any way possible to help me reach my goal of saving at least one life and hopefully many lives.

And thank you especially for taking positive steps in your own life to prevent yourself from ever crossing over that Invisible Line or if you have already crossed over, then thank you for getting immediate help right away since alcohol dependency is a progressive disease.

As always, if you think you or someone you love has a problem with alcohol abuse or dependency, contact the Alcoholics Anonymous hotline for northern Rock County at (608) 774-2812, or Rock County Crisis Intervention at (608) 757-5025. Check out my resources tab which will be updated frequently as new resources are discovered.

With my heartfelt gratitude!

Jenny Hallett

Proud mother of Brittany Rose Hallett     (9/27/88 – 11/5/14)   I love you forever baby girl!

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