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Testing a Post that is Linked to Break Down Negative Stigma

I hope that the smash hit series, “This Is Us,” will be able to help break down the negative stigma plaguing millions of people suffering from alcohol and other substance dependencies. I hope it helps people to realize that many many really really wonderful people become afflicted with this terrible disease…. “Last year, we got to know Jack separately from his struggle, which allowed us first to connect with his strengths. His alcoholism is not and hasn’t been his defining trait; instead, viewers have seen the perfection Jack struggles to maintain as he tries to protect his family. And as the series explores his darker side, its main takeaway may be how strong Jack must have been in order to deal with those demons for so long. Because although it’s easy to dismiss those who struggle with mental health and substance abuse as weak, in real life, grappling with those difficulties often takes an unspeakable amount of strength.”…….